Monday, February 28, 2011

Sally Hansen - Salon Effects

YAY! I found my camera so I'm back up and running :D. Well, actually, my brother found it wedged in our sofa cushions! :P I'm just glad I can start taking pictures again. I take back all the bad things I said about you! lol Anyway, I just bought the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects. They're quite similar to the Art Club Glam nails stickers but, in my opinion are WAY better! Just wanted to share some quick pics with you all so, enjoy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

O where o where could you BE?

*sighs* I haven't been updating my blog lately because I LOST MY CRAPPY CAMERA! My dinky point and shoot is gone! I seriously have no idea where it went and I have searched high & low looking for that 2 inch piece of $&%#. (kidding). But, for real, I'm going crazy because I haven't been doing any looks, therefore I haven't been taking any photos to update my blog! It just really sucks :(

So, this quick blog is just to let you guys know...and, if anyone wants to offer to buy me a new one, I'll be more than happy to accept! :D hehe

On another note, I've posted below a look I did about over a month ago with the new Wet N' Wild Icon Eyeshadow palette in Vanity (249). It's just a simple, everyday, neutral gold look.

I feel like I should be updating in SOME way so, I hope you guys enjoy it!