Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pulled back curly updo

Hi guys!! So here is another updo I did on my sister (again). We have a party to go to in a few weeks and she wanted me to give her a pulled back updo kind of Selena Gomez inspired. I have a picture below that you can check out. My sister is completely obsessed with Selena and even bought the exact same dress in the picture below!!! lol Anywhoo, let me know if you like the updo!

PS - Please don't mind my sister blowing her nose in the pictures! (How unattractive)! LOL

Friday, January 14, 2011

FOTD: Simple and subtle

I was looking through my MAC shadows the other day (which btw I really do not have a lot of...I can't afford it! lol), and I was trying to see what colors I could combine to create a different look that I haven't really worn before. So the colors I chose for this look were Surreal, Club, Knight Divine, Vanilla and a bit of Carbon. I wanted this to be a very subtle and wearble look that you could wear on an everyday basis. Sorry, I couldn't get any really good pictures of the look so I apologize in advance!

  • Surreal on the main lid
  • Club on the crease and blended upwards/on the bottom lash line as well
  • Knight Divine in the outter "v" blended inwards and up into Club
  • Carbon the crease area for definition
  • Vanilla on the brow bone
  • LA Girls lipstick in Flirt
  • MAC's ?Lustreglass in 2N (that might be wrong) lol

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kim Kardashian inspired smokey eye w/ ELF shadows

Everyone always does the smokey eye look (tutorials, different smokey eyed colors, etc), so I thought I would update my personal smokey eye! I decided to do a Kim Kardashian inspired look and, although I know I look NOTHING like Kim, I think everyone can pull off this look and try out their own smokey eye to what they think suits them the best.

For this look, I used ELF shadows to achieve this look and I wanted to just prove that you don't have to use high-end brands to get this sultry, Kim.K, red carpet look. Also, if you're wondering where I got the ELF palette, I bought it from Winners for about $8 CDN. For you Americans, I think you can buy ELF products at Target?? (correct me if I'm wrong)!

The shadows used are:

#1 on main lid
#2 in crease area and fading up as blending color
#3 on the outter v and crease color to darken up/smoke out the look
#4 on brown bone

#2 and 3 were also used on the lower lash line to really enhance  and achieve this smokey eye look

You can also used whatever liner, mascara, lashes, lipstick, gloss etc to get this look. It's really up to you guys! Good luck ladies!

PS (please disregard the messy hair!) lol :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair updo - Weddings, parties or special occasions

Other than make-up, I've been trying to get into doing some hair updos as well. I have a friend who is absolutely AMAZING at doing hair EVERYTHING! She has the most gorgeous updos and get this....she didn't even go to school for it!!! I know! If you wanna check out her stuff, she's got a Youtube Channel called "cheveuxn0ir". (the "o" in noir being a zero, btw) She's seriously talented and completely inspires me with her beautiful updos. Anywhoo, I forced my little sister to sit in my makeup chair today so I could do her hair. I've been practicing for the heck of it because I find it soo darn fun! I'm pretty new to this and so please bare with me as I "attempt" to do future updos! Let me know what you guys think!?


The flower is optional! =D

Saturday, January 8, 2011

FOTD: Color crazed!

I know what you guys are probably thinking...WTHECKERS? I know! lol This look really just came off the top of my head one night as I was about to fall asleep. I figured, why not? Let's try it and see how the look turns out! ummm I wouldn't say it's my favorite but it's definitely something different from your everyday wear. But, whatevs! It is what it is...and frankly, I can't even think of a name for it! All I know is that when I envisioned this look, I just wanted lots-o color!!


  • MUFE #18 - Tangerine on the lid
  • MAC's Chill on the brow bone
  • MAC's fluidline -Royal Wink
  • Eyelashes - Club by Mesmor Eyes
  • Eyebrows - dollar store feathers (cut up)
  • Lips - OCC's Liptar in Traffic
  • Cheeks - blush from Coastal scent's 10 blush palette

Friday, January 7, 2011

FOTD: Who's that chick?

Okay, so the look of the day is the look that Rhianna wore in her "who's that chick" video. I know, lots of people have already done this look on Youtube but I love the look soo much, I decided to do it too!!! :) I also got a new haircut! I cut my bangs myself though because the girl who cut it, cut them "side swept" but it was too short to be side swept bangs. It was horrible! I came home and took my shears and nipped them myself!! Let me know what you think about them!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Art Club: Glam Nails

So I've been trying to see if I can get my hands on some Minx nail products but I believe you can only get them done by a certified professional....? :S  So I recently went to my local Sally store and found these knock-off nail stickers and decided to try them out! I would say that they are quite different from Minx nails because they ARE just stickers and the Minx nails, you actually have to rub them on and then heat them in order for them to adhere to your nail. Anywhoo, nonetheless, I bought a set to try out and give you all my personal review/impression on this new product.

Here are a few pics of how it looks like in the packaging and on the nails.


  • Inexpensive (approx $6 CDN)
  • Easy to remove
  • Lots of nail stickers, can use one package twice depending on how long or short your nails are
  • Updated trendy designs

  • They smell bad/chemical-ish
  • Not many designs to choose from
  • Hard to put on/cutting the nail stickers to your nail size
  • Thick in size, meaning shorter lasting power
  • Edges start to peel/chip after 1 1/2 days (even with a top coat)
  • Can rip easily if not handled with care when applying on the nail
  • Top layer of the sticker peels away easily, sometimes taking half the design away with it
All in all, I'd give this product a 5 out of 10. It looks great when you first put them on but once you start doing your day to day activities, they really start to give way. The quality is not great for a product that you think should last you at least a week. It's definitely a product you can try since it's soo cheap and fun to wear, but if you are looking for something to last you a few days, I think I'd stick to some good quality polish!! 

My nails on the right, at a NYE's party

Just a pic of what the Minx Nails look like. They are definitely something I would like to try. Supposedly, it's to last you 2 weeks on the nails, give or take!