Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair updo - Weddings, parties or special occasions

Other than make-up, I've been trying to get into doing some hair updos as well. I have a friend who is absolutely AMAZING at doing hair EVERYTHING! She has the most gorgeous updos and get this....she didn't even go to school for it!!! I know! If you wanna check out her stuff, she's got a Youtube Channel called "cheveuxn0ir". (the "o" in noir being a zero, btw) She's seriously talented and completely inspires me with her beautiful updos. Anywhoo, I forced my little sister to sit in my makeup chair today so I could do her hair. I've been practicing for the heck of it because I find it soo darn fun! I'm pretty new to this and so please bare with me as I "attempt" to do future updos! Let me know what you guys think!?


The flower is optional! =D

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  1. oh gosh, i cant even do a "messy bun" look if i wanted to. youre great at this!