Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kim Kardashian inspired smokey eye w/ ELF shadows

Everyone always does the smokey eye look (tutorials, different smokey eyed colors, etc), so I thought I would update my personal smokey eye! I decided to do a Kim Kardashian inspired look and, although I know I look NOTHING like Kim, I think everyone can pull off this look and try out their own smokey eye to what they think suits them the best.

For this look, I used ELF shadows to achieve this look and I wanted to just prove that you don't have to use high-end brands to get this sultry, Kim.K, red carpet look. Also, if you're wondering where I got the ELF palette, I bought it from Winners for about $8 CDN. For you Americans, I think you can buy ELF products at Target?? (correct me if I'm wrong)!

The shadows used are:

#1 on main lid
#2 in crease area and fading up as blending color
#3 on the outter v and crease color to darken up/smoke out the look
#4 on brown bone

#2 and 3 were also used on the lower lash line to really enhance  and achieve this smokey eye look

You can also used whatever liner, mascara, lashes, lipstick, gloss etc to get this look. It's really up to you guys! Good luck ladies!

PS (please disregard the messy hair!) lol :D


  1. Hey Diva-Doll, I love what you have created with your elf palette, so much that I'm going to share it on my site( My Asian diva-dolls could really benefit from seeing your work. You have just won the heart of a new fan =)XOXOXOX

  2. awww thanks!!!! That's sooo sweet!

  3. Thanks a lot!!!!
    Soo good page..
    NIce post

  4. aw, youre so pretty kay :)
    and again, great job with the make up!
    gosh youre so talented. i SUCK major time compared to your skills <3