Thursday, June 4, 2009

NOTD: Mod Sqaud by ESSIE

So I was at Winners the other day, (it's a Canadian store similar to Marshall's) looking for hair products like CHI and VERY SEXY and I came across nailpolish! YAY! To my surprise, they were selling Essie nailpolish for pretty cheap (I would say). You can get a bottle of Essie nailpolish here for about $10 at a salon or drugstore. It's just as expensive as OPI. I've been wanting to try this brand for a while but didn't want to shell out the $10 for one measly bottle. But at Winners, they had this 3 in 1 package. It has two full Essie nailpolishes with a .16 fl oz 3 Way Glaze which works as a basecoat and topcoat. They were selling it for $10!! I though it was a steal!!! Anywhoo, I thought I'd share my newest polish purchase with you guys. I've only tried on the bright pink one (Mod Squad) so I don't have any pics of the light pink one yet (It's in the bag).

Mod Squad up close


  1. for the comment you put on my blog. You definitely check out forever21 in US. I think they have more cute headbands and cheaper too .. I just got some online for like 4 or 5$ each ... the most expensive one is like 10$ :D

    If you have time, you can buy the material like me and make them yourself. ITs fun and easy

  2. all my headbands are hand made . I cant get what i want here so I have to make them myself. You can buy material from Fabric Land and accessories at Michaels to make them. I find cheap stuffs in VN so i made lots :D

  3. ok i'll try that next time :D