Thursday, April 16, 2009

Make- up has brought me here!

WAAAAAH! I've never had a blog before so this is definitely a change from Myspace and Facebook. So you're all probably wondering why I'm starting a blog...hmmm.. It's because I have a HUGE LOVE for make-up and thought I'd be nice to share with you all a few make-up tips and tricks and looks I like to wear. Of course, I am no where even close to a professional make-up artist but I love playing with make-up and thought it would be fun to do this! YAY! hahaha. Once in a while, I might drop some randomness (ok..maybe a lot of randomness) but I hope you all enjoy! So of you're into make up too or just accidentally dropped on my blog check it out. You might just find something you like!

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