Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Current China Glaze Collection

I just wanted to feature some of my new China Glaze nailpolishes. I love China Glaze and the only place we can get it here in my town is at the Sally Beauty Store (and also the BSO but they sell them for $10 off!). Anywhoo, right now they're having a huge nailpolish sale on ALL of their nailpolishes. It's buy 2 get one free. So it works out to about a little less than $3.00 a nailpolish when you get 3. (That's just strictly for China Glaze though). Some of their other nailpolishes like Fingerpaints and ORLY are a little more expensive. Get to a Sally store guys because the sale only lasts until the end of April.

From left to right: Ruby Pumps, Ravishing Dahling, V, Japanese Koi, Liquid Leather, Avalanche

From left to right: Tempest, Spontaneous, Flying Dragon (neon), Reggae to Riches, Rich and Famous, Fuchsia

From left to right: For Audrey, Shower Together, Sexy in the City, Frostbite, Turned up turquoise (neon), Watermelon Rind

I actually have ONE more polish in the colour Solar Power that's not in the pictures because I lent it to my aunt and she hasn't given it back yet. But here is a picture of how it looks.

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  1. Alrighty! Thanks for the heads up.. looks like I'm hitting Sally's tomorrow :)