Sunday, April 3, 2011

A quick outfit!!

My sister's 28th birthday dinner evening, that is!! I <3 H&M and this outfit seriously screams H&M! Basically because almost everything I'm wearing for this look is from H&M! I really didn't mean to do this on purpose, I just shop there A LOT! And mind you, all of the different items were mostly purchased at different times! Thank goodness for H&M!

Cropped pouffed shoulder blazer from H&M - I believe this blazer was around the $29.95 range CDN. I bought it about a year ago so I really don't remember. Hmmm...

The regular black tank from Costa Blanca - I bought this when Costa was having their 50% off EVERYTHING sale. So I believe it was about $4.00

Feather necklace from H&M bought recently for $9.95. CHEAP! :)

Pink and coral tiered mini skirt from H&M - bought it on sale the other day for $15 from $29.95. I just LOVE a great sale!

Black cage pumps from H&M - bought it for $34.95. It wasn't on sale but I loved these shoes and really could not pass them up as heels these days in Canada, really don't come cheaper than $35!!! (boo Canadian prices/taxes)!

My advice, H&M always has sales. If you wait, most likely the items you want WILL GO ON SALE!!!

Close up of my feather necklace!

Don't mind my chubbiness here, I just came back from eating a grilled sirloin steak with shrimp, crab and creamy mashed potatoes!!! lol By the end of the night, my skirt was cutting circulation to the bottom half of my body!

They look too big for me in this pic but their actually really supporting and super comfy! Not to mention, CUTE as well! lol hehe


  1. you are so cute! i love h&m too! if you come here, we need to go together :) we'll get into so much trouble hehehe! and who's birthday?! let her know i said happpppy birthday :)

  2. It was Chou's 28th birthday! I call her old lady! lol jk!